24th ORT (Onafhankelijke Realisten Tentoonstelling) in Museum Møhlmann, Sept 16th - Dec 18th, 1-5 pm I present my “Honeycomb flowers”, an installation with 4 lithographs (unicates) on transparent paper, inspired by the following Rilke quote.

"Wir sind die Bienen des Unsichtbaren. Wir tragen leidenschaftlich den Honig des Sichtbaren ein, um ihn im großen goldenen Bienenkorb des Unsichtbaren anzuhäufen.” Rainer Maria Rilke, aus einem Brief an Halewicz

“We are bees of the invisible. We wildly collect the honey of the invisible, to store it in the great golden hives of the invisible.”Rainer Maria Rilke, from a letter to Halewicz

The quote could be interpreted as a metaphor of our work as an artist. What I perceive in the micro and macro cosmos is inextricably linked to my inner world and invisible to the eyes. Like the bees collect the honey into the honeycomb, we artists collect our precious perceptions into our work. I feel compassion for the bees, who are dying from the pesticides and because they cannot find enough wild flowers anymore to provide for their food. They are indispensable for our food supply and our life on earth. All beings are connected with each other and so we have to protect them. ❤