'Kunst aan Huis' Jubileumroute 2023', along the coast of Friesland and Groningen!

‘Emerging from silence' is the title of the exhibition Jan Bodde and Friederike Linssen are presenting in his studio/art-space 'De oude school', Kruisstraat 21, Baflo on March 11th & 12th and 18th & 19th, both weekends from 12 till 5 pm.

Although the approach of our work is rather different, it arises from the same source – the search for the essence, thereby reducing our visual language to minimalistic, organic elements in terms of image, colour and texture.
My presentation consists of a series of paintings in blue oil colour on cotton, a kind of blueprint of elements in nature, wherein everything is connected to each other. Addionally the installation ‘Listening to the birches’ is presented. It consists of two elongated coso papers with asemic writings and birchbark dangling from the ceiling. Our artwork invites guests experiencing silence.

"… Tiere aus Stille drängen aus dem klaren
gelösten Wald von Lager und Genist;
und da ergab sich, daß sie nicht aus List
und nicht aus Angst in sich so leise waren,

sondern aus Hören. …"
Rainer Maria Rilke, aus den Sonnetten an Orpheus: I,1