Welcome to the Art Festival '48 Stunden Neukölln' from 24th- 26th of June 2016!

The thematic focus of this year's festival is SATT.

SATT-SATTVA, our Interactive Art-, Music-, Video- and Poetry-Performance, will take place in the 'Gemeidesaal' of the Katholic Church St. Clara in the Briesestrasse 17, Berlin-Neukölln.

Friederike Linssen, Stephen Mooney (Neno John Moon), Hassan Oneizan, Dorothy Bird (NL, UK, SYR, DE) come into artistic interdisciplinary and interactive "conversation" by means music, painting, writing and audio Midi-driven visuals and lighting effects. They "talk" about current issues such as freedom, escape, grief, dreams, migration, attachment and sattva, the mental saturation by clarity, kindness and harmony, which does not exist without chaos and passion. It creates clarity out of chaos, harmony of passion, light from the darkness. Compositions with improvisational freedom encounter poetry, color games, videos and migratory birds, linking the continents of the earth through their flights together.