Exhibition in Kunstverein Neukölln, Mainzer Str. 42, August 14th- September 26th 2021, Wed -Sun 2-8 PM (Soft-)Opening: FR13th

Is pink a way of life, the color of my glasses through which I look at the world, or is it rather an extroverted avowal? Is pink the fluffy flamingo chick or a sticky-sweet cocktail by the pool? What color is the coronavirus actually? Pink? No reason to panic! The Russian serum has the same color, tastes like raspberries and is guaranteed to help. Pink is coming soon and will save the world. A new day is looming with fleecy clouds in the sky. Or is it not rather the reflection of the neon advertising on my mobile phone display? One thing is clear: Pink pops, is and makes visible. Is it Toxic or Seductive? Pink makes you naked and attracts. Give us your expressive pink! My contribution for Pink Panik ‘Fruits of the gingko & beechtree’, oilcoulour on canvas, 42x25cm + 10x25cm, 2021