Alef Bet

The exhibition ALEF BET took place in the Folkingestraat Synagogue in Groningen from September 9th till November 4th 2018, organized by Kaya D. Wolff, participating curator. Each of the artists were invited to pick two letters from the Hebrew alphabet and to offer an artistic interpretation. My installation in correspondence with the letters DALET and HE was presented in the Mikwe. At this place nature plays a major role because Mikwe means 'vivid water', coming from a spring or the rain. The paintings of the birches are a tribute to the trees, which in their turn provide the earth and the Mikwe with vivid purifying water. - ד Dalet - door is portrayed by vertical, three meters high, paintings of birches and birds, flying upwards as messengers between heaven and earth. As such Dalet is the door, a pathway that helps us connecting our inner and outer worlds with each other. - ה He - window is inviting light and air to come in and offering a view of cerulean blue swallows and birch branches. HE allows us to perceive the heavenly, transcendent world, the universe.