48 Stunden Neukölln 2020

At the Art-festival 48 Std Neukölln, which will take place from June 19th till June 21st 2020 in Berlin, my video BAOM, consisting of film, poems and paintings, will be presented online. In the current worldwide crisis caused by Covid 19 we are at the beginning of a great challenge which resonates with BOOM, the festival's theme. Referring to an explosive noise, this concept expresses both eruptive destruction and a phase of intense growth. These two contradictory processes seem to occur in these days. The title BAOM, is a symbolic one, related to the English BOOM, the German BAUM and the Dutch BOOM. Is it coincidence that BOOM means TREE in Dutch? The tree is a symbol for life since it offers us oxygen, strength and stillness. In an intuitive dialogue with beeches, pine trees and birches i search for meaning and consolation while filming them with my mobile phone and reciting my poems. Trees have a healing impact on us amidst all the alienation and losses we daily experience now we are lacking human contact in this period of time. The current Covid 19 phase coincides with my mourning process about the passing of my dear sister and my mother's hospitalization in a nursing home, where i have only been allowed to visit her briefly a few times during the past months. BAOM will be broadcasted at the Festival’s website program, which starts on Friday June 19th at 7 pm.