48 Std Neukölln 2021

The interactive installation of Friederike Linssen, Klaus Dobler and Philipp Julian is presented in- and outside the KulturCafé in the air, as expressed in the first rows of Paul Celan's poem:

'IN THE AIR, there your root remains,
there, in the air.'

Friederike’s sky-blue and peach-coloured letters in asemic writings, in oilcoulour on canvas, are floating in the display window of the KulturCafé. Without semantic content these are open to various interpretations just like Klaus’s collage-strips, painted in blue on the back, that are blowing in the air. Morning Glory is woven into the roots of Philipp's tree sculpture. Welcome to the KulturCafé for a creative dialogue with 'an approachable you'!

Location and dates: KulturCafé Friedelstr. 28
Fri 7-9 PM, Sat 2-9:30 PM, Sun 12-7 PM