48 Stunden Neukölln 2019 - Grün wie ich dich liebe grün

Our contribution ‘Grün wie ich dich liebe grün’ to the Art Festival 48 Stunden Neukölln takes place in the KulturCafé Friedelstrasse 28, Berlin from Friday June 14th 7 pm till Sunday June 16th 2019. This involves an interdisciplinary and interactive art installation about interconnectedness in nature by Friederike Linssen, Akiko Wakayama - visual art / Gabriele Nentwig-Flohr - object art / Julia Fiebelkorn aka Dorothy Bird - music. The festival's theme is ‘Futur 3’. Surrounded by paintings of trees, grass tables and inspired by Lorca's poem’s first two lines 'Green as I love you green-/Green Wind. Green branches.' visitors are invited to express their visions for 'future 3' on paper. At the beginning of the event Dorothy Bird will give a concert, using vocals, synthesizers, soundscapes and string instruments. A tree meditation will take place at the end of the festival in the KulturCafé on Sunday at 6 pm.