48h Neukölln 2023 ‘Blueprint of Nature’ is an Interactive Installation presented at KulturCafé Neukölln. Nature is full of networks: trees exchange vital substances via their roots, their leaves provide oxygen, also for us humans.

Inspired by these networks in nature, we develop ideas for our future on earth, so that we reconnect with nature in a compassionate way and thus create a new ‘blueprint’.

My series of blueprints in oilcolour on cotton reflects the interconnectedness of the elements in nature. These are presented on the wall like lines of poetry. A mobile, consisting of 24 paintings of seeds in different colours, is at the core of the interactive installation. It includes a game board painted with woods, mountains, sea and desert. By setting the mobile in motion the visitors start the game as a playground for understanding nature at a deeper level. The guests are invited to write, draw or paint answers to the questions raised while playing the game. These ‘seeds’ will be attached to the mobile artwork and will be growing during the festival.

Location and dates: KulturCafé Friedelstr. 28, June 23rd -25th
Fri 7-9 PM, Sat 12-9:30 PM, Sun 12-7 PM