48 Stunden Neukölln – Thema Schatten

THE WHITE HOUR: a music / visuals / poetry / art performance about loss, grief, love and the transformation and dissolution of personal and collective shadows

Friederike Linssen (NL) visual artist / Aly Freije (NL) poet http://www.taalpalet.nl / Julia Fiebelkorn (DE) composer and musician aka band Dorothy Bird http://www.dorothybird.de / Stephen Mooney (UK) multimedia artist, photographer and musician http://www.stephenmooneyphotography.com enter into interdisciplinary and interactive conversation by means of poetry, painting, music and visuals. The performance THE WHITE HOUR, named after one of Aly Freije’s recent poems, is about loss, grief and love. All artistic elements are united in the interactive music, video, art and poetry installation. While Stephen Mooney’s animations and videos are being projected onto the wall Julia Fiebelkorn’s band Dorothy Bird and Aly Freije’s spoken poetry will interact with the installation of Friederike Linssen’s paintings. The artists explore the transformations from darkness to light happening in moments that a person experiences facing death, whereby the ego and its shadows of fear and guilt can be dissolved. What is left is a silence, that becomes palpable and occupies the entire space. Also incidents and movements in the world that cast shadows into society strive for a new beginning and for creating a light illuminating collective and personal shadows.


Location and dates:
Kirchsaal der Evangelischen Brüdergemeine Berlin
Kirchgasse 14
12043 Berlin
Fri 19:00 to 23:00 opening + try out performance and concert
Sat 22:00 to 23:00 performance and concert by Julia Fiebelkorn & her band Dorothy Bird
Sun 15:00 to 16:00 poetry by Aly Freije
The art and video performance will take place all day long on Saturday June 24 th and Sunday 25th.